Wykehams Classic British Sports Cars

Wykehams Classic British Cars: Central London's only Morgan disributor

Best of British: Morgan

by K. Hill, Graham Stuart Thomas. £7.99 buy

NEW! Morgan First and Last of the Real Sports Cars

by Brian Laban £25 buy

Morgan Road Test Book: Morgan Plus Four And 4/4 Gold Portfolio

1936-67 by R.M. Clark £13.95 buy

Morgan Workshop Manual : Morgan 4 1936-81

£13.95 buy

Morgan: The Last Survivor

by Chris Harvey. This work provides an illustrated history, contemporary road test reports, advice on what to look for when buying a Morgan, hints and tips on restoration, preparing a Morgan for racing, and information on the men behind the cars £15.99 buy

Completely Morgan; Three-Wheelers 1910-52

by Ken Hill £30.25 buy

Morgan Restoration and Buying, by Practical Classics and Car Restorer,

4-6 weeks delivery £10.95 buy

Morgan Road Test Book : Morgan Cars 1960-70,

by Brooklands Books 4-6 weeks delivery £8.95 buy


by Rowan Issac, This book tells the story of the Morgan Motor Company, the worlds oldest privately owned car munufacturer. Taking a tour though all of the different models built . 4-6 weeks delivery £10.99 buy

Original Morgan 4/4, Plus 4 and Plus 8

by John Worrall, Liz Turner and Paul Dubois. Covering all four wheeled Morgan cars from 1936 to 1991 this illustrated guide offers advice on originality, detail, buying and restoring, along with details of production changes and authentic color schemes, approx four weeks delivery £15.96 buy

Morgan: Famous Car Factories

by Bengt Ason Holm. 4-6 weeks delivery time £16.95 buy

Morgan Road Test Book: Morgan 3 Wheeler Gold Portfolio 1910-52

by R.M. Clarke £13.95 buy


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